I am Ayo Thomas, innovative pioneer and champion for the empowerment of women in the entrepreneurial sphere. As the architect of Thrive CEO Woman, I have poured my own experiences into a vision that uplifts and supports faith-driven women entrepreneurs. With empathy carved from my roles as a mother, wife, and friend, I've recognized the profound toll that chasing dreams and ambitions can exert. In response, I founded Thrive CEO Woman to ensure that women can foster success without depletion, thriving abundantly in every facet of their existence.

My credibility stems from the inception of Women Own Excellence (WOE) Magazine, a venture that not only showcased my prowess in the digital domain but also solidified my role as a mentor for women seeking to weave their professional tapestry with threads of well-being and faith.

With over 15 years of diverse HR experience and business insight. My journey has led me to harness this expertise in coaching, empowering women to reach new heights in their careers and entrepreneurial endeavors. My commitment to fostering talent and leadership is deeply rooted in my academic pursuits, evidenced by my advanced HR certifications and a notable graduation from Cornell University's Women's Entrepreneurship and Diversity and Inclusion Program. These achievements underscore my dedication to promoting an ethos of inclusive excellence.

I am also the proud owner of Galore Creative Staffing, a firm that boasts esteemed clientele such as Microsoft and the City of Charlotte, further testament to my professional success and reputation.

Away from my professional life, I find joy and balance in spending quality time with my family, embracing the essence of health and wellness.

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