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Ayo is known as a “Powerhouse” prolific speaker with a prophetic voice who is transparent, inspiring, and funny. With over 10 years of speaking experience, in churches, hosting events, facilitating workshops, training leaders, and workplace professionals, Ayo possesses the ability to transform the lives of her audience.

Through transparency, conviction, and power, she leaves the audience captivated, inspired, and motivated to take Action!

She understands the importance of connecting with the heart of her audience by sharing personal stories of overcoming fear and rejection, losing identity, and finding her voice after living through traumatizing experiences.

Ayo is committed to changing lives through her speaking gift across the world.



I offer an extensive range of speaking topics for various audiences such as corporate keynote, retreats, conferences, panels and masterclasses.

Below are few signature topics:

  • Think Like a Thriving CEO
  • How to Create a Brand Using AI Technology
  • Leading and Coaching Your Stellar Dream Team
  • How to Successfully Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur
  • Creating an Excellent Work Culture by Fostering Diversity
  • Design Your Business Vision Board Session
  • "Branding” The Creative Force Behind Your Business Success
  • From 9 to Thrive, How to Build a Thriving Business While Excelling In Your Career.

If you don’t see a topic listed here that “fit” your organization’s culture and or ministry needs, contact me, to design a program specifically for you.

“I look forward to serving you in Excellence”!


Embrace the THRIVE CEO Woman spirit and embark on a journey to shape a flourishing business marked by courage and audacity.